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youtube thumnail  BBC_Snakes in a cafe

LANG=en, , level=4, 0:19 , 4 days ago

youtube thumnail  Got a wicked problem? First, tell me how you make toast

LANG=en, , level=16, 1:38 , 4 days ago

Fight Songs - Rachel Platten

LANG=en, , level=8, 3:24 , 19 days ago

lesson 7

LANG=en, , level=11, 4:34 , 23 days ago

Dictation - The tooth fairies

LANG=en, , level=11, 0:10 , on 2015/08/07

Must and can't

LANG=en, , level=15, 0:50 , on 2015/07/31

youtube thumnail  NASA’s Kepler Mission Discovers Bigger, Older Cousin to Earth

LANG=en, , level=13, 1:26 , on 2015/07/27, groups

Treasure Island 2- My father had an inn (Pre Intermediate)

LANG=en, , level=12, 5:54 , on 2015/07/21

2015.07.20_Obama Calls for Changes to Criminal Justice System

LANG=en, , level=10, 5:56 , on 2015/07/20


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