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BBC Words in the News -Acropolis Museum row (17 June 2009)

LANG=en, , level=16, 1:01 , on 2009/06/18

Indian PM: Pakistani Action against Terrorism Required before Peace Accord

LANG=en, , level=16, 1:29 , on 2009/06/17

BBC Words in the News - Iran opposition rally( Monday, 15 June 2009)

LANG=en, , level=19, 0:38 , on 2009/06/16

World Food Prize Goes to Scientist From Ethiopia

LANG=en, , level=10, 3:34 , on 2009/06/16

100th Paris Air Show Opens

LANG=en, , level=17, 1:37 , on 2009/06/15

Industry Gathers for Paris Air Show at a Rough Time

LANG=en, , level=11, 4:32 , on 2009/06/14

NATO Agrees to Restructuring of Military Command in Afghanistan

LANG=en, , level=16, 1:49 , on 2009/06/13

Studying in the US: Science Students Are Promised No More Visa Delays

LANG=en, , level=11, 3:32 , on 2009/06/11

Air France to Replace Speed Sensors on Airbus Jets

LANG=en, , level=17, 1:24 , on 2009/06/10

Truck Bomb Explodes at Luxury Hotel in Peshawar

LANG=en, , level=15, 1:08 , on 2009/06/10


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